He has Given Us A Goodly Land-Intro

“He has brought us to this place and has given us this land, a land flowing
milk and honey..” (Deut.26:9)

In order to explain what this beautiful place means to me, and I speak of the Rockbridge County of my ancestors in Virginia; I must borrow a descriptive phrase from a long ago cousin, Alexander Sterret Paxton (1840 – 1914), “The old Scots-Irish pioneers came with the rifle and the axe, with the Bible and the family altar, with the Church and the schoolhouse, and laid the foundations of the grandest part of Virginia.” (Memory Days by A.S. Paxton)
My journeys through this county have led me back to my heritage and beyond into a glimpse of the future should Jesus tarry.. It has centered me, I believe I know exactly who I am and the qualities it took to see this nation built on the foundation of the Word of God, which are the very qualities we need to return to in a day where it seems we have misplaced the memories of the Godly heritage of America.
As we look stedfastly into this together we will see courage, determination, fortitude, hope, love of both country and home and hearth. We will look at forces such as bravery, loyalty, fidelity, and so many others.. All of which are laid out for us clearly in the Bible, are Gods will for man, and all of which are in fact, worked into the inner self of everyone who believes on the Lord Jesus Christ by the mighty Holy Spirit of God……

Though I now, at the time of this writing, make my residence in Michigan, my wife and I are blessed to be able to travel to Virginia and go back in time in our hearts 4 or 5 times a year most years..
I have walked the land along Buffalo Creek that my 5th Great Grandfather, Thomas Buffalo Paxton; also known as Boatyard Paxton, settled around the year 1730 give or take the time he lived with Mother and siblings at Green Tree.. Angie and I have overlooked Arnold’s Valley from both atop the Blue Ridge Parkway and also the back country roads that have always led us to treasures. From Glasgow to Lexington, Natural Bridge to Goshen Pass, Buena Vista and through the whole of Rockbridge I find Paxton heritage. Paxtons were among the earliest of settlers and in their lives and the lives of their fellow settlers, we see many things that our entire nation was forged from.
No matter what anyone tries to say in this our day, America was indeed founded upon the solid Rock of Christ Jesus. It is duly noted in her documents and in the letters of her pioneers, like my family and many of yours also and though we are an imperfect lot, inasmuch as we are members of Adams fallen race, there is hope for our future found in Christ and because of what He did for us at the Cross..
Rod Parsley once correctly said that there is much to be gained by a return to the discarded values of the past and I know that is the reason God has sent me on this journey and has led me to write about it. So come on with me as we discover Clear Skies Over Rockbridge and the Spiritual Lessons I Have Learned In The Land Of My Ancestors…

“In the long vista of the years to roll….
Let me not see my country’s honor fade;
Oh! let me see our land retains its soul;
Her pride in Freedom and not Freedoms shade.”
(Keats… Quoted In Memory Days)

(for purposes of this blog there will be only excerpts that will ultimately be added to other writing and placed in the new book.. Please enjoy the excerpts and be patient with me as I attempt to put these very personal thoughts, expressions and feelings out there..)