“The Faultless Christ” by Billy Sunday 1922

“The Faultless Christ”


“I find no fault in him.”–John 19:4




(As preached at Richmond, Indiana 1922)





Some things must be faultless in order to be valuable. The value of a diamond depends on its quality, not its quantity. When I was in New York I went down to Tiffany’s and picked up the famous Tiffany diamond and asked, “How much is that worth?”


“One hundred thousand dollars.”

I picked up another little one. “How much is that worth?”

“Fifty thousand dollars.”

I picked up a rope of pearls. “How much is this worth?”

“Two hundred thousand dollars.”

I picked up a string of black pearls found over in Southern California. “How much is that worth?”

“Eighty-five thousand dollars.”

I picked up a little pigeon blood ruby, two carats. “How much is that worth?”

“Five thousand dollars.”

One of the most valuable stones in the world, as well as the rarest, is the pigeon blood ruby. Only ten per cent of the diamonds on the market are what they call first class or first water. They are either a little off in color, size, or shape, or have a flaw that reduces the value of them.

We have a pure food law which says that nothing adulterated shall be in the composition of the food, because that would jeopardize our health.

To be valuable, a horse must be without a flaw. If he kicks or runs away, has the heaves, is blind, or epezootic, he is not valuable–those are flaws.

To be a masterpiece, a picture must be flawless. With a flaw, its value is reduced.

Character! A man may be known by five things. First, his character–what he is. Second, his conversation–what he says. Third, his conduct–what he does. Fourth, his contributions- -what he gives. Fifth, his creed- -what he believes .

Love is the greatest thing in the world. Character is the grandest. It will remain when all things else are taken away. You can’t lose character. It will stay when money is gone. It will stay when your friends forsake you. You can’t burn up character. You can burn up money; you can burn your house; you can burn your clothes; but you can’t burn up your character.

It won’t blow away. It can’t be lost. You can’t buy character. A reputation may be lost in one act of your life. You can lose a reputation that has taken you a lifetime to build up .

Character needs no epitaph on its tombstone. You may bury a man, but his character will beat the hearse back from the cemetery. He will walk the streets long after his name has been obliterated by time from the tombstone. Men who lived in this city years and years ago–you have forgotten their names, but they are still living, either reproduced in a benediction or a curse.

Character has to be flawless; and I bring before you Jesus Christ .

Can You Find Any Flaw in His Claim?

Can you find any fault in Him? He claimed to be the Son of God. Can you prove that that claim was false? All right, I challenge you. Can you find any flaw in that claim? Didn’t He talk like the Son of God should have talked? Didn’t He talk like you would if you had been the Son of God? Did He say anything that you wouldn’t have said if you had been the Son of God instead of Him?

Did any words that are recorded that He spoke show that He had no right to say what He said or do what He did? Can you find any utterances that are out of place in the Son of God? Doesn’t your own heart say that every word Jesus Christ said was true?

He declared God to be what every true heart wants God to be. He declared that God loves men and that He was willing to forgive men if they had gone astray and if they would repent. Can you find any fault with that? Isn’t that what you feel that God must be in order to be God?

No matter what you have done, God says, ‘All I am waiting for you to do is to express your sorrow for that sin, and forgiveness, full, free and perfect and eternal, is yours.”

Every word shows that God is good, God is merciful and patient, God is forbearing. There is not a word said about God’s anxiety to punish; He wants to make us all good. Can you find any fault with that?

Do you object to the physician who wants to make you well? Well, do you object to anybody wanting to do something that will make you tell the truth instead of a lie? Do you object to anybody wanting you to be sober instead of drunk?

Why does a man refuse to be a Christian and receive Christ? God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked. God knows that if a man dies a sinner, he will be in Hell before midnight. God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked, because He knows the wicked man isn’t ready to die. Not at all! God sent Jesus into the world, not to condemn the world, for the world was condemned before Jesus Christ came. He came into the world to open up a plan of redemption to save the world.

I didn’t come here to preach anything to condemn you. You were condemned already before you ever heard of me If you came in here tonight to be saved, I am not coming here to condemn you. I am coming here to preach to you, to tell you what to do to be saved.

You came in here condemned; you may go out without condemnation. Jesus didn’t come to condemn the world; He came to save. Give a man a chance to be redeemed. If God loves the world and if this world has gone into sin, God must do something to win it back to prove that He does love it .

If you will take the New Testament and study what Jesus said about the Father, you will say every word of that is true.

He said the time would come when God would wipe up this world and He would separate the good from the bad, like the shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. Well, we do that same thing. We separate the sick from the well; we separate the coal from the slag; we separate the wheat from the chaff; we separate the criminals from those who will keep the law.

God, we all know, could not be God and pen the good and bad up in the same place. Heaven wouldn’t remain Heaven at all. This earth would be Heaven if there were no sin here; and this earth would be Hell if there were no Christianity here.

This old earth is neither Heaven nor Hell because it has some good and some bad in it. If it were all good, it would be Heaven; if it were all bad, it would be Hell. So the only thing that makes it decent to live in is due to the religion of Jesus Christ. If Jesus Christ had said that God wouldn’t or couldn’t put the good and bad in different places, that would have been enough to convince me that He was a fraud, that He wasn’t the Son of God. Can you find any fault with His condition?

Can You Find Anything Which Jesus Did That Dishonored God?

Can you find anything Jesus did that was dishonoring to God, anything that He said or anything that He did? Can you put your finger on anything that was out of place? I challenge you to do it. What did Jesus Christ ever do that wasn’t for the benefit of human beings?

What has Jesus Christ ever asked you to do that wasn’t for your own good? What did you ever refuse to do that God wanted you to do that you weren’t a fool for refusing? God doesn’t want you to do anything that isn’t for your betterment. So if you want the best there is, God has it waiting for you.

And did Jesus Christ ever injure anybody in thought or deed? No! Did Jesus ever lie? Did He ever misrepresent? No! Did He ever say, “That’s all wool,” when it was half cotton? No! Did He ever say it was imported when it was made in Chicago? No! Did He ever raise a finger against anything that was good? No!

Do you think that if Jesus Christ lived in this city He would stay here for five weeks and not poke His head around this tabernacle? No! Did Jesus ever turn His back on anybody in trouble? No! Did He ever refuse to help anybody who asked Him? No! No! Wherever He went lives were made happier, men and women were made purer. Can you find any fault with that in the transforming power of God?

Over in the trenches of France was a French soldier named Maurice. The Y. M. C. A . was distributing little Testaments of John printed in French. Somebody had thrown away a copy and Maurice found it one day in the mud under his feet in the trenches. He picked it up and read it.

In the back was a place where it said, “I accept Jesus Christ as my Saviour.” He read this Gospel of John. It was the first time he had ever seen it and he signed his name in there .

Maurice had a cousin in the trenches named Jacques, an infidel, and on his day off he came to visit Maurice. When he came in, he said, “Maurice, what’s the matter with you? Your face shines so.”

“I found Jesus Christ and here’s where I found Him.” He handed Jacques this little Testament. “Here’s where I found Him . ”

Jacques read it and was converted. He said, “I could answer all arguments about God, all arguments about Christ, all arguments about Heaven, all arguments about Hell to my own satisfaction, but I couldn’t answer the argument of the bright, cheerful look in his face.

Christ Faultlessly Proved God’s Love

Wherever the Gospel of Christ goes, I say it makes lives brighter and shines this old world up. He said that God loved everybody and He went about trying to show that that was true.

He cured the sick. He opened the eyes of the blind. He unstopped the ears of the deaf. He raised the dead. He cleansed the leper. He helped everybody who asked Him and He helped a good many who didn’t ask Him. He never sent anybody away with a heavy heart. The only one who ever went away with a sorrowful heart was the rich young ruler, who would not repent. And if you go away with a sorrowful heart, it is your own fault, not Christ’s.

If you will let Him help you, you will be joyful. This young fellow thought he had so much that he could get along without Jesus.

Jesus never attended a funeral. He never followed anybody to the grave. He never preached a funeral sermon. That was out of His line. He came that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly.

The man who is sober has life more abundantly than the drunkard. The man who is honest has life more abundantly than the thief. The man who is virtuous has life more abundantly than the man living in vice. The one who believes in Christ has life more abundantly than the infidel who doesn’t believe in Christ.

One time when Moody was asked to preach a funeral sermon, he looked into the Bible to find what Jesus said and did at a funeral that he might have a standard to go by. He found to his surprise and delight that Jesus Christ broke up every funeral procession that He ever met by raising the dead. He turned the house of sorrow into joy, tears into laughter. Can you find any fault with that?

“I find no fault in him.” Don’t you wish He had come to your house before the hearse had called? Don’t you wish He had come when the coffin was there and raised the dead, put your loved one back in your arms?

“I find no fault in him.” Do you consider yourself honorable and decent to favor what Christ is against? Do you think you ought to be respected by decent people when you are in favor of everything that Jesus Christ is against? No sir! I don’t. I think you forfeit the right there, whether you are a millionaire or a hobo.

Jesus Is Against All Wrong

Now, Jesus Christ is against all wrong. Has anybody cheated or defrauded you? Jesus Christ is against it. Has anybody lied about you? Jesus Christ is against it.

Are you in favor of honesty? So is Jesus. Are you in favor of purity? So is Jesus. Do you believe that every man ought to have a fair equivalent in return for the brain or muscle that he gives in working? So does Jesus. Do you believe that every employer ought to pay honest wages to every employee? So does Jesus.

Do you believe that every working man ought to give honest, square work for the wages he is paid? So does Jesus. Do you believe that capital ought to give labor a square deal? So does Jesus. Do you believe that labor ought to give capital a square deal? So does Jesus.

Do you believe there ought to be thirty-six inches in every yard? So does Jesus. Do you believe there ought to be four pecks in every bushel? So does Jesus. Do you believe there ought to be twelve inches in every foot? So does Jesus. Do you believe there ought to be two thousand pounds in every ton? So does Jesus. A hundred cents in every dollar? So does Jesus.

Jesus is against all crookedness. Are you? Jesus is against all dishonesty. Are you? Jesus is against everything where men feed and fatten and gormandize upon the misfortunes and sins of others. Jesus Christ never dealt in generalities. Jesus Christ never went around Robin Hood’s barn to get at a point; invariably He cut across lots and when He got there, nobody had any doubt who He meant or what He meant.

If Jesus Christ should become pastor of one of the leading churches in this city and talk as straight to them as He did to the treacherous Jerusalem set in the Temple, I wonder how long He would hold His job? I think some of these elders would be pulling their long whiskers.

Then the prudential committee would get on its high horse, and the vestrymen would hit the ceiling. Then the stewards who are always making a mess out of the stew, and the church dignitaries who are digging for the Devil, would kick.

Take His rebuke, my friends, to the Jerusalem crowd and see if He was always the weak, two-by- four, three-carat, sissified Jesus that a lot of people are always trying to picture Him.

I am sick and disgusted with people who are trying to picture Jesus Christ as though He were a dough-faced nonentity. He was the bravest preacher who ever breathed. Why, that invective in Matthew 23 stings in words like a whiplash or a cat-o’-nine-tails, and as a piece of concentrated damnation, it is without a peer in literature! Why, the hot metaphors, whatever they are, race upon the heels of one another, surging out of an ocean of wrath, speeded by a master’s command as they were hurled into the sins and passions of the day!

He shot His preaching into the biggest guns of the synagogues. “Oh!” He said, ‘Woe unto you! You devour widows’ houses and for presence, you make longwinded prayers and you will have the greater damnation. Woe unto you! You do everything to make a proselyte, and when you have made him, he is twofold more the child of Hell than one of you. Woe unto you! You shut up the kingdom of Heaven against men and you won’t go in yourself and you are keeping everybody else out. You are a dog in the manger. You neither eat the hay nor let your horse have it. Woe unto you! You have done the small things, but you neglect the weightier matters of the law, such as mercy, equity, truth, love thy neighbor as thyself. Woe unto you!’

‘Oh,’ He said, ‘you are like the outside of a cup. It looks nice and clean on the outside, but you are full of rottenness. Woe unto you! you whited sepulchres. You are like a grave. You look fine on the outside, but on the inside you are full of rottenness and dead men’s bones. Woe unto you! you fools and blind. Woe unto you! You strain at a gnat and swallow a camel . ‘

No Fault With His Courage, His Faith

You say Bill is vulgar, and you will swallow down a glass of beer and Heaven only knows what all it contains.

‘You strain at a gnat and swallow a camel. Woe unto you! you generation of vipers. Woe unto you! how can you escape the damnation of Hell. You ought to be in jail, the whole dirty bunch of you.’

Can you find any fault with that? That is when He handed them the hot end of the poker. That is Jesus. I am quoting His words. Jesus stood before the church, all the cultured highbrows of the day, and said those things. That’s Jesus I am talking about.

Now, He never had a harsh word for a penitent sinner. He never had a good one for a Pharisee. And when a man claims to be a Christian, he ought to do what Jesus would do .

If a man puts out a sign announcing himself a carpenter or plumber, I expect him to carry on the business that he announces by the sign. I don’t go to a barber shop to get an automobile. I don’t go to a butcher shop to buy a suit of clothes. I don’t go to a jewelry shop to get potatoes and celery.

Something, therefore, is expected of a Christian that isn’t expected of a godless man. I expect something more of an elder than I do of a brewer.

For a man to be a member of a church and have nothing in his life or conduct which resembles Jesus Christ is as much out of place as a Y . M . C . A . over a brewery, or a Y.M.C.A. over a house of ill fame. They are expected to carry on the things that they announce under the sign.

That is the reason I go to a barber shop to get a hair cut, and to a jewelry store to get my watch fixed. A man hangs out a sign and says he is a Christian. I expect something and I’ve got a right to do it.

No Fault With His Courage, His Faith

Can you find any fault with His courage? There is something about His courage that wins our applause. It compels our admiration, and our commendation, emulation, and several other “ations” that I can’t think of just now.

Did Jesus ever show the white feather? No! No! When the mob charged upon Him with clubs and stones and the disciples forsook Him and fled, He stood His ground as immovable as Gibraltar . They spat upon Him, stoned Him, damned Him, and scourged Him .

He bore Himself like a king when He stood before old Pilate. Not once did He turn pale. Not once did He show concern or fear. Not once, my friends, can you find any fault with Him.

The first recorded word of Jesus was when He was twelve years old. “Wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?” His last recorded words were on the cross, “It is finished.”

When He hung on the cross, thirty-two years of age and in the twenty-one years crowded in between the first recorded words and the last recorded words, nothing found place in His life that wasn’t for the glory of God and the good of humanity. ‘I find no fault in him,” said his bitter enemy, Pilate. If there had been, old Pilate would have dug it out, for he was looking for a chance to put something over on Him if he could. No, “I find no fault in him.”

He had faith in His Father. Faith says, “God did it. Christ says it. I believe it. That settles it.” That’s faith!

He had faith in His Father. A man’s faith links him to God. I am chained to God not by money, culture or such things, but by faith.

Take what faith you have got and start out. If you know enough now to start and if you use it, you will get

Mind you, in business there isn’t a man in it that didn’t start poor. Did J. P. Morgan start rich? No! Did Rockefeller? No! Did Judge Gary? No! Did Vanderbilt? George Perkins? No! Peter Armour of Chicago? Marshall Field? No! Field used to be a traveling man, sold goods for $100 a month.

Andrew Carnegie started for $1 a week as stockboy in a mill; Charley Schwab crawled out of the dirt and out of the soot and coal of Homestead and Bradford. Not a one started out rich.

Take what you have. Use it and you will get more. Start with your faith. Use it and you will get more. It will grow.

Farm your faith like a seed. Put it into the ground. You will get more. Drop a kernel of corn into the ground and it will produce a hill of corn. A hill on an average will produce two ears. An ear of corn will produce 800 kernels. Twice eight is 16, so I get 1,600 times more than I put into the ground.

Farm your faith. Start with what you have and God will give you more all the way through. Without faith there wouldn’t be a factory, there wouldn’t be a railroad, We can’t do business without it.

Ninety-five per cent of the business in this country is done on credit. Only five per cent is done on a cash basis. All is done on credit checks, drafts, mail orders and all that .

There wouldn’t be a railroad. The Milwaukee made an extension from South Dakota to Puget Sound. It cost them hundreds of millions of dollars. They hadn’t sold a ticket. They hadn’t contracted for a pound of freight. They hadn’t anything but faith. They had faith to believe that people would travel over the road and freight would be shipped over the road.

Without faith there wouldn’t have been electricity. Thomas Edison thought he would find a better way to illuminate the home than with a tallow candle.

Without faith there wouldn’t have been the automobile. Henry Ford started out in the Y.M.C.A. in Detroit, in the little department there where they had a sort of a forge. He went in there and went to work. He had an idea. He thought he could make an automobile, thought he could put it together, and he did. He had to get money. The fellows one after another refused him, and finally he found a man who staked him for $10,000. The fellow had faith.

Everything you see today in business started with a faith in what they had. Begin with your faith and see how it will grow in this old world.

There is not one who didn’t first believe before he ever invented. Fulton had visions of his steamboat before she ever puffed up the Hudson. Watts had visions of a sewing machine before it took tangible form. Whitney had visions of his cotton gin before he ever invented it.

Men got to South America. They got to South Africa, to the Klondike, to Australia, because they were told and they believed they could get gold. Faith gives us energy, backbone. Faith is the grandest word in the lexicon of a man or woman.

There wouldn’t have been any Jewish nation if Abraham hadn’t had faith in God. God would have taken somebody else and He would have started the nation with somebody else, but He took Abraham, the father of the nation, and he believed, and that is why we have the Jewish nation today.

Faith is the hand by which my soul touches God. I can’t touch God with my hand. I can touch you. You are flesh, bones, and so am I. God is a Spirit. I can’t touch God with my hand. I can touch God with my faith.

Faith is a sort of wireless telegraphy which communicates with the sky. Faith is to the soul what the law of gravitation is to the world.

Here is a book. I hold it in my hand. I take my hand away. What made it fall? There is a reason. Gravitation yanks everything toward the center of the earth. See? That is why.

Therefore, we find that faith is to my soul what the law of gravitation is to the world. The law of gravity pulls everything down toward the center of the earth. All right. So faith changes the center toward which spiritual gravity pulls. Instead of swearing, he prays. Instead of being impure, he is pure. Instead of being drunk, he is sober. Instead of lying and cheating, he is honest. Instead of going to the saloon, he goes to church. Instead of going to Hell, he is going to Heaven.

Faith changes the center. So when the power of Christ comes in, these other things go out.

Now you do these things, and now you go here. That’s the power that pulls you there–faith in Jesus Christ. So gravity pulls everything to the center of this old earth.

No Fault in What He Did for the World

Can you find any fault with what He said about Himself? Can you put your finger on any spot that He didn’t make good? He said, “I am the light of the world.” All right. Now, listen. You take out of this world all that Jesus Christ has done for it, and it wouldn’t be worth a rummage sale. If you take out of this world all that Jesus has for it, you are taking down every church and cathedral, Catholic and Protestant. You close up every Sunday School. You disband the W.C.T.U. and every charitable organization.

Everything that is done for the benefit of humanity, all charity, it all comes through the principles of Jesus Christ. You go to the library and select every book which contains a verse of poetry or prose reference to Jesus Christ and take them and turn them into ashes.

Then go to the galleries of art and slash and cut and daub the achievements of man. Dore, Millet, Murillo, Michael angelo, Raphael, da Vinci, Rubens, Munkacsy’s “Christ Before Pilate.”

Then go to the hospitals and throw the sick into the street. Tear down the buildings, close up the asylums for the poor, the maimed, the blind, the halt, the old men, and old women, boys and girls. Go to the conservatories of music, tear out all the songs, “Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross,” “Jesus, Lover of My Soul,” “Pass Me Not O Gentle Saviour,” until the world stands voiceless, and songless, and dumb.

Then go to the cemeteries. Go from tombstone to tombstone, and chisel out every verse that tells of the world to be. Sir Walter Scott had Old Mortality chasing around with chisel and mallet to make more distinct the partly obliterated epitaphs on the tombstone. Cut off every verse that your mother pillowed her head on when she swept out into Glory to meet Jesus Christ.

Take out of this world all that Jesus Christ has ever done for it and what have you got left?

“I find no fault in him.” A holy Christ for my Saviour, a holy Bible for my staff, a holy church for my field. “I find no fault in him.”

Can you find any law that He ever broke? He said, “I will send the Holy Spirit to carry on the work.”

Hasn’t He made good, my friends? He said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved” (Acts 16:31).

You show me somebody who is saved who didn’t believe in Jesus Christ, or who ever will be saved when he didn’t believe in Him.

We are always helped or hindered by our belief. Wrong belief makes everybody wrong. Right belief makes everything right, because belief always results in action which harmonizes with your belief.

If you believe wrong, you will act wrong, and your actions will be in harmony with your belief, and your belief will be father to your act. If you believe right, you will act right. Therefore, belief always results in actions in harmony with your belief.

“Oh,” you say, “it doesn’t make any difference what a man believes, so long as he is sincere.” You are a fool. A man may sincerely believe he can handle nitroglycerin and it won’t hurt him, but if he monkeys with it, they will look for him with a spyglass and take him up with a whisk broom and dustpan.

In Sydney harbor, in Australia, they say they have one of the most beautiful harbors in the world. They have what they call the North Head and South Head and in between those two heads is the entrance to the harbor. Then the harbor runs off and dips right down to the coast line and shuts abruptly up.

There is a lighthouse down there. One night the steamer Duncan Dunbar was coming to make the harbor at Sydney and they mistook the South Head for the North Head and steered in between these two. They ran over the rocks and went down.

Everybody was lost but three. The captain was sincere, but he was wrong. His sincerity, my friends, didn’t save the lives of the fifty people who were lost on the steamer

Duncan Dunbar. And a man who believes that God is his Father ought to live like his Father.

No Fault With His Atonement

Can you find any fault with the atonement? He tasted death for every man. He did for every man what man couldn’t do for himself.

Many years ago up in St. Paul, a man was tending bar. One day in came an old side-kick of his. He was the champion middleweight prizefighter of the Northwest and the bartender said, “Have a drink.”

The man said, “No, I don’t want it.’

He said, “You don’t want it?”

“No, I don’t want it.”

“What do you want to drink?”

“I don’t want anything, and I don’t want a drink

“Oh,” said the bartender, “you mean you want to drink, but you won’t.”

The man said, “No, I don’t want anything, nor do I want to drink.”

“Are you taking the Keeley Cure?”

He said, “No, I have something better than that.”

“What is it?”

“It is a blood cure.”

“What do you mean?”

“I have found Jesus Christ and He saved me and has kept me sober for seven months.”

“Is that so?” said the bartender. “Yes,” he said. “Come up and I will tell you about it.

So they went up to the meetings. The bartender heard the story and gave his heart to Jesus Christ and resigned from tending a bar.

He started out, my friends, but the cops would get their eyes on him and then he would have to move on, for he had left a record behind him where he had done time. He went straight and lived for God for years. Then he went to Chicago to one of our great lawyers, Luther Lann Mills, who is now dead, and he said: “Will you give me a letter to Carter Harrison?” (He was then the mayor of Chicago.)

The lawyer gave him the letter and he went to the mayor and said: “You have my measurements here in the police department. I am going square and I’d like to have all the records you have.” So they tore out of the police records all the records that they had against him.

Then he went to my friend, Billy Pinkerton, and said, “Billy, you have my records here and I’d like to have them. The police department of Chicago has torn out of the blotter there all their records. I have a letter to Carter Harrison . ”

Then they wiped out every scratch of the pen they had against him in the detective bureau. Then he told them that his picture was down at the Joliet penitentiary. So he wrote down there to get it. He said, “You have my records there and I’d like to have my picture and Bertillon records from there. I have found Jesus Christ and I am going straight.”

The warden wrote back, “You have another guess coming. You made the record, we didn’t. You may have gotten the records away from the police of Chicago, but you can’t get them away from the State of Illinois.”

He didn’t know what to do, so he went to telling his story to everybody. One time he went to Battle Creek, Michigan, to take a rest at the sanitarium. Three governors were there–Al/geld of Illinois; Culbertson of Texas; and Johnson of Mississippi.

He went to Mr. Altgeld of Illinois, and asked him to help him get the records away from Joliet. When he got through, the governor said, “That’s an unusual request. I don’t know whether it could be done, but I’d be glad to help anybody that wants to do right, if there is anything I can do. But I will make no promise. Give me your address.”

About a month later, he received a big fat envelope. Up in the corner it said, ” Executive Mansion, Springfield, Illinois.” He broke it open and it said, “It gives me great pleasure to comply with your request, for I am enclosing all the records that were in Joliet against you. There is not the scratch of a pen in any institution against you. I wish you well, and may God’s blessing be upon you, and may you be a blessing to the world.”

Go down to Hadley Mission and take my friend, John Callahan, by the hand. He is one of the cleanest-cut, most upright men who walks in shoeleather.

I have known John for twenty years and he is as clean as a hound’s tooth, and he is 124 karats fine and worth one hundred cents to the dollar. I will back John to the limit.

Can you find any fault with that. That is what this Jesus does that I am talking about to you.

No Fault With His Promises

Can you find any fault with His promises? He said, “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Has He made good?

“And this is the will of him that sent me, that every one which seeth the Son, and believeth on him, may have everlasting life.” – -John 6:40 .

“Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven. ” – -Matt . 10:32.

“In my :Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.”-John 14:2.

Robert Bruce said he was king of Scotland and the English refused to acknowledge the claim. They came up against Sterling Castle. Then Bruce and his brave followers fled.


Then the English opened their kennels and turned their bloodhounds loose and they chased Bruce and his brave followers over the hills and through the valleys until they came to the rivers. They plunged into the water, backtracked them, climbed up the banks, and the bloodhounds with their tongues lolling from their mouths, came to the river, but the scent was lost, and they stood, barking on the banks of the stream.

Oh, all the bloodhounds of Hell, my friends, can bay on your track, but if you have plunged beneath that stream drawn from Immanuel’s veins, you need not fear. That is what Jesus Christ did.

No Fault With His Teaching

“I find no fault in him.” Can you find any fault with what His teaching has done for the world? Wherever His teaching has been accepted and believed, it has made the desert bloom as the rose. Homes have been made happy. Drunkards have been made sober. Tears have been dried on the cheeks. Mothers have been able to sleep. Old libertines have been made pure. Blasphemers have been made to pray. Girls who sold their womanhood now go home with tears of repentance coursing down their cheeks. Men have been made true to their wives and employers true to those who toil.

Before Jesus Christ came there wasn’t a hospital on earth. There wasn’t an asylum on earth. There wasn’t a home for the aged or the infirm, or for the boys and girls. His teachings have planted them, until today they are as thick as the sands on the seashore. That’s what Jesus Christ did and is doing for the world.

“I find no fault in him. ” Before Jesus came, woman was a slave. She was looked upon as something having no soul. Today, the respect and honor that is paid to womanhood is due to the restraining influence of Jesus Christ.

I think you are an ungrateful wretch if you refuse to arise and put the crown upon the brow of Him who has brought such wonderful blessings to womanhood and to you as a woman in the world; and He has come to help all who need it.

A father and son were in the same company, and at the close of the Battle of Franklin, when the roll was called the son was missing. The father went out, stumbling over the dead and dying, calling, “John Harkman! John Harkman!”

Away in the distance he heard a faint voice. At last he stopped beside his son. He dragged him back to the hospital. There he was nursed back to health and strength.

Jesus Christ’s mission on earth was to bind up the broken heart and help those who needed it.

No Fault With His Peace

“I find no fault in him.” Do you find any fault with His peace? ‘My peace, ‘ He said, ‘I leave with you.’

Some men, when they die, leave their land to their children. Other men, when they die, leave a bad character to their children. And others, when they die, bequeath weak, anemic bodies to their children. Still others, when they die, bequeath idiotic minds to their children, and others bequeath to their children tainted blood, but Jesus said, ‘My peace, I leave with you. ‘

I will give you something better than that. Some people, my friends, couldn’t wear any longer faces than they do if they were dead sure that God was dead. When they smile, why, they do it in a way that makes you think it hurts them and you are glad when they quit.

Some people are praying for the Lord to use them. You ought to pray God to help you stop looking sour, for God can’t use you with a map like that.

If Paul and Silas had gone to jail looking as sour as some folks do when they come to the tabernacle, that Philippian jailer wouldn’t have been converted yet. No, it is a great mistake to think that God wants you to look solemn when you put on your Sunday clothes and start for church.

He said if you will accept Him, you will be saved. That was His mission in the world.

This Faultless Christ Died for You

Years ago a great plague swept Paris. People died by thousands. It baffled the skill of the physicians of the day. Finally they held a consultation and they agreed the only way to find out what it was, was for someone to make a diagnosis of one who had died. But who would do it?

It meant sure death to the one who did it. The doctors sat in silence for half an hour, then a famous French surgeon arose and said, “Gentlemen, I will make the examination.”

He wrote out his will. He stepped into a room where was lying the corpse of one who had died from the dreadful malady. He made his diagnosis, the results of which he wrote on paper and cast that into a jar of vinegar where all could read it.

In six hours the doctor was a corpse, but they took the diagnosis and stopped the dreadful malady and saved the lives of perhaps thousands of people. They built a monument to perpetuate the sacrifice of the doctor for the people of Paris.

God tells me if I will accept Jesus Christ as my Saviour, I am saved. So I am going to Heaven on schedule. God tells me I am going to Heaven. I believe it. I don’t bother my head about it. I trust Him. His words are true.

I went to visit the Waltham watchwords. Down in the basement they have what they call the master clock. It is surrounded by several thicknesses of wall. It is kept at a normal temperature the year ’round.

They have a gas arrangement in there, a thermostat that is automatically lighted by electricity. When the temperature reaches a certain degree, the light will go on, and when it gets to a cram degree, it will go out.


Now, there is that clock resting upon a foundation that goes down, my friends, below the river. Then attached to it, they have a little machine with a cylinder. On that is a piece of paper, and fastened on that is a fountain pen. As the clock ticks, that fountain pen makes a little mark on this cylinder of paper.

Out yonder stands an observatory, one of the finest in the United States, resting upon a foundation that goes fifty feet below the bed of the river. There sit expert men, astronomers with a huge telescope, and they sit there and watch the stars. As the stars go by, they push a button and it records it with a fountain pen on another cylinder down in the basement near this great master clock.

Then every twenty-four hours they compare these two cylinders .

If the one made by the tick of the clock is wrong, I mean if it doesn’t harmonize with the cylinder made by the astronomers, then the clock is wrong. The stars are never wrong .

Say, let me tell you something. Do you regulate your life by the Bible? God is never wrong. You are wrong! You are wrong! God is never wrong! You adjust yourself and see what He will do.

If Jesus Christ were a man and only a man, then of all mankind, I would cleave to Him and to Him only! But if Jesus Christ is God, and the only God, I swear I will follow Him through Heaven and Hell and earth and sea and air!

I find no fault in Jesus. My greatest joy will be to hear my Saviour say, “I find no fault with thee.”

A steamer tied up at her wharf in Detroit; she had just come down from Toronto. After she had discharged her cargo, a drunken sailor was seen staggering up Woodward Avenue. He staggered on and on, up to the old White opera house .

He said to the lady in the ticket office, as he reeled back and forth, “How do you do, lady? Is Jesus Christ here?”


She said, “No sir, but we have His picture.”

Munkacsy’s “Christ Before Pilate” was then on exhibition. John Wanamaker is the owner.

In Philadelphia, one of their homes burned. He couldn’t get the picture out (it is a great monster of a thing) in the frame, so he cut it right out of the frame and brought it out that way. It is in his store in Philadelphia.

If you ever go down, go up and ask him to let you see it. He paid $75,000 for the original of Munkacsy’s “Christ Before Pilate.”

The sailor said, “Jesus ain’t here?”

“No,” she said, “but His picture is here.”

He said, “Maybe that is what my Ma meant when I left Toronto. She made me promise I’d come down here and see Him. She said He was in here. How much is it?”

She said, “A quarter,” so he reached down and dug up a quarter .

She said, “Do you want a catalog?”

He said, “What is that?”

She told him and he said, “Yes, I might as well get it. How much?”

“Ten cents.” So he pulled out a dime, and went in. She followed him to see what effect a painting of such grandeur would have upon a man of such evident illiteracy and sin.

He walked in and sat down with his hat on. He looked up to the picture and said, “What is that fellow sitting up there in that chair with his hair cut short?”

She said, “That is Pilate, the Roman governor.’

He said, “Who are those fellows around there in those blue, red, yellow and green clothes ? ”

She said, “Those are the Pharisees who are there to accuse Jesus.”

He said, “Who is that fellow there with the spear in his hand and that thing on his head?”

“That is a Roman centurion, a soldier. He is keeping the mob back. They are trying to get at Jesus to kill Him.”

“Who is that gang out there holding up their hands?’ he asked.

“That is the mob. They are crying, ‘Crucify him! Crucify him!’ ”

“Who is that fellow standing out there in the middle, with long hair and the white dress on and His hands tied?”

“That is Jesus.”

He said, “What has He done?”

“Nothing . ”

He said, “Are they trying to put something over on Him?”

“Yes,” and then she left him.

She went back in about ten minutes. Listen! His hat and catalog were on the floor. He had grabbed the back of the seat in front of him and buried his face in his hands. He was sobbing. Big hot tears were dropping down on the floor.

She put her hand on his head and said, “What do you think about it?”

He looked up and wiped his eyes and nose with his sleeve and said, “Lady, I never–I never– thought anything about Him. I have damned Him all my life. I have been drunk all the time, but my Ma loves Him and I know He is all right because Ma likes Him and He made her what she is. She prays to Him every day. She taught me, when I was a little boy, to say, ‘Now I lay me down to sleep,’ and I know He is all right. Lady, I am going to be a good man and I am going to follow Him, too.”

“I find no fault in him.”


Billy Sunday


Richmond, Indiana

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