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Everyone is tolerated- except Christians…. Everyone has the right to express themselves- except Christians….. everyone has the right to to vocalize disagreement- except Christians…. I am so tired of this Puke…. If you want to come get me then come on….. But until you do I WILL BE FOUND PREACHING THE TRUTH OF GODS HOLY WORD, PREACHING JESUS CHRIST, GETTING PEOPLE SAVED AND SET FREE BY GODS MIGHTY POWER……..


One of the most difficult and trying things about going through severe testings and trials are those moments when God is silent.
He is always there, for that is His promise, but sometimes we cannot feel His presence or hear His voice.
It is during those silent times that we must learn to walk by faith.
Beloved, always remember that God’s silence is for His purposes and He is always working on the behalf of His children.
Often we do not know and are not aware of the mighty and miraculous things that God is doing for us during these silent times. God’s silence does not indicate His absence and God’s delays are not denials. If we allow the Holy Spirit to train our inner-ear, even during the ” silent” times, we can hear the echo of what God has spoken to us before. This is enough for faith to feed on.


The essence of the Gospel is a changed life that comes from a Christ transformed heart.. ( 2 Cor. 5:17). From that heart will flow faith, obedience, holiness, love, joy, prayer, etc… All the elements necessary to maintain our growing relationship with God. Supplied and equipped by His Spirit we reach out to all the potential He has for us..


May we always lift up Jesus Christ and exalt Him in our preaching. Let us reject unbiblical and superficial drivel and preach Christ centered; Christ honoring sermons from the pulpit.. The old saying says, “You can’t advertise a feast when there is no food on the table.”.. So many today are hungry for the reality of a living Jesus… They may not know it yet… Lets always give them life; always give them Christ….


When you are spiritually revived, you will think about the spiritual state of the people that you rub shoulders with every day. It is inevitable that when your heart is revived and close to God, you will have a concern for the lost.


In order to gauge our spiritual growth we must ask ourselves but one question: How much does my life resemble Jesus Christ.? We all fall short but the more we cooperate with the Holy Spirit, the more He conforms us in word , thought, and deed to the image of Christ. The true measure; the standard, is not other Christians or a particular church.. It is Jesus Christ!!.


I don’t believe the Lord calls us to see how many seats we can fill by creating a ‘club feel’ on Sunday and endeavoring to attract the unbelievers by such a watered down version of the message that they never get confronted by the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Without preaching the gospel found in the bible, without a call to repent from sin, without an explanation of the Blood of Christ and the new life it gives, how will anyone be forgiven and how will their lives be transformed?? Changed lives are what matters to God… Not numbers and for 2000 years the goal of Christianity has never been to put on a good show!!


Unite In Prayer

United prayer produces united results.

Cornelius learned this when he prayed. Cornelius was “a devout man, and one who feared God with all his household “.[Acts 10:2]  Praying together as a family multiplies your power. God tells us that one can chase a thousand, and two can put ten thousand to flight. [see Deut. 32:30]

When you unite your home in prayer, you become as an army ready for battle. Prayer can change entire families. When Cornelius and his family prayed together, God worked miracles. Hey neighbor, we need a few miracles in America today.  Please take the time to call the family together today, and every day, and pray. Prayer in Jesus name is powerful. 


On more than one occasion Jesus’ disciples saw a demonstration of prayer power. Look at Acts 4:31– ” And when they had prayed, the place where they were assembled together was shaken; and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and they spoke the Word of God with boldness.”

Here are the conditions: the believers assembled together and prayed.

Here are the results: The place was shaken; they were filled with the power of the Holy Spirit; then they spoke the Word of God, not with fear and timidity, but with great boldness.  We need people in America today that will stand up and speak what thus saith the Lord with great boldness.

If we can get the Church in our land to reach out to God through prayer in Jesus name, we will discover resources  of strength and blessings and purity that we never even dreamed about.

It is prayer time in our land. Lets get to it now. There are battles that can only be won as we pray.

The Seeker Sensitive Fad

The new catch phrase in the church today is to be “seeker-sensitive”. In a nutshell, churches have a brief praise and worship service, and then the people sit and listen to some kind of teaching for about 20 minutes. Then they are dismissed. The so-called leaders of this movement make it very clear that you are not to call anyone a sinner, never preach about sin, and you are not to sing songs about the blood of Jesus. These things might “offend” the seeker.

In these new modern so-called churches, the first time anyone preaches against sin, confronts evil, experiences a strong move of the Holy Spirit, or in any way deviates from the normal routine, these “seekers” will seek something and somewhere else because their sensitivities have been offended.

Was Elijah being insensitive when he told old Jezebel that she was going to the dogs? [1 Kings 21:23]
Were the kings of Israel concerned about people’s opinion when they destroyed the groves, ran off the sodomites, and tore down the altars of Baal?
Was John the Baptist being insensitive when he called religious hypocrites “a generation of vipers” [Matt. 3:7]?
Was Jesus being a seeker-sensitive leader when He called the same kind of people ” whitewashed tombs which indeed appear beautiful outwardly, but inside are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness” [Matt. 23:27]?
What about Peter when he spoke under a drop dead anointing that fell on people who lied to the Holy Spirit [Acts 5:3-10]?
Did Paul teach us to become seeker-sensitive when he advised turning someone over to Satan [1 Cor. 5:5]?

Lets just face it. None of the above prophets or apostles or even our Lord Himself would be invited to minister in many contemporary churches in America today. The fear of offending a sinner or awakening a lethargic Christian would overwhelm the pastors. Most pastors would choose not to allow such radical statements to be made from their pulpits.

It seems that far too many are more concerned with the seeker than they are with the Holy Spirit. Most have left out God all together. When the true presence of the Holy Spirit is working in the church, strong messages would be received because the Holy Spirit touches the attitude and the heart.

We do not need seeker-sensitive preaching; we need Holy Spirit sensitive and anointed preaching. This would produce conviction and conviction leads to repentance.. That is what is needed.We need to love people with an intense love that will not compromise the truth and the anointing.

The message can be strong, firm, and, at times, rebuking. However, with the compassion of Christ and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, it will be effective. We need the Holy Spirit working among us to change the hearts and lives of people.

The Rapture of the Church

The Rapture of the Church by Len Paxton

The Rapture Of The Church.

In 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17 from the Expositors Study Bible KJV, we read:V15 FOR THIS WE SAY UNTO YOU BY THE WORD OF THE LORD (presents the Doctrine of the Rapture of the Church as the “Word of the Lord), THAT WE WHICH ARE ALIVE AND REMAIN UNTO THE COMING OF THE LORD (all Believers who are alive at the Rapture) SHALL NOT PREVENT THEM WHICH ARE ASLEEP. (This refers to the fact that the living Saints will not precede or go before the dead Saints). V16 FOR THE LORD HIMSELF SHALL DESCEND FROM HEAVEN WITH A SHOUT (refers to “the same Jesus” which the Angels proclaimed in Acts 1:11), WITH THE VOICE OF THE ARCHANGEL (refers to Michael, the only one referred to as such{Jude v 9}), AND WITH THE TRUMP OF GOD (doesn’t exactly say God will personally blow this Trumpet, but that it definitely does belong to Him, whoever does signal the blast): AND THE DEAD IN CHRIST SHALL RISE FIRST ( the criteria for being ready for the Rapture is to be “in Christ”, which means that all who are truly Born-again will definitely go in the Rapture): V17 THEN WE WHICH ARE ALIVE AND REMAIN SHALL BE CAUGHT UP (Raptured) TOGETHER WITH THEM (the Resurrected dead) IN THE CLOUDS (clouds of Saints, not clouds as we normally think of such), TO MEET THE LORD IN THE AIR ( the Greek word for “air” is “aer”, and refers to the lower atmosphere, or from about 6,000 feet down; so, the Lord will come at least within 6,000 feet of the Earth, perhaps even lower, with all the Saints meeting Him there; but He, at that time, will not come all the way to the Earth, that awaiting the Second Coming, which will be seven or more years later): AND SO SHALL WE EVER BE WITH THE LORD. ( This presents the greatest meeting humanity will have ever known.)

This glorious event called the Rapture could take place at any moment. It is the next great event on the horizon of time. The literal Greek phrase calls for us to be snatched away. This is where we derive our word, Rapture.
Jesus Said in Matthew 24:36 that no one knows the day or the hour. Only the Father Knows. We should resist any temptation to engage in date setting. What we do know is that while there are no specific “Rapture” signs that need to be fulfilled; many of the signs that point to the second coming are being fulfilled at breathtaking rapidity: so how much closer is the Rapture to taking place. The Rapture will take place very soon, at some point prior to the inception of the Great Tribulation.

Christ’s own words are the reason for this view. Jesus warned us to be alert for His imminent return (Matthew 24:42,44), and a pre- tribulational Rapture is the only position that allows for His at-any-moment arrival.
The Second Comin, then, is best thought of as a separate event, when our Lord returns following the 7 year Great Tribulation to defeat His enemies. At that time, Satan will be bound and remain so during Christ’s 1,000 year millennial reign.
At the Rapture, the Lord comes for His People; at the Second Coming, He comes with His People.
After the 1,000 year millennial reign, the Lord will conduct the Great White Throne Judgment in which unbelievers of all time will be judged and cast into a place called the lake of fire, eternally separated from a loving, living, Holy, and just God.
Believers, however, will enjoy eternity in the presence of God, beginning at the Rapture.

Here are some vital distinctions between the Rapture and the Second Coming.
1- The Rapture takes place before the Tribulation (1 Thess. 4:16-17) but the Second coming takes place at the end of this period. (Matt. 24:29-31)
2- At the Rapture, all believers on Earth will be taken to Heaven, but at the Second Coming, God will bring us back to this Earth.
3- The timing of the Rapture is completely unknown (Matt. 24:36-41), but the Second Coming will be marked by several predicted signs. (Matt. 24:29-30)
4- The description of the Rapture makes no mention of Satan, but he will be bound and cast into the lake of fire at the Second Coming. (Rev 20:2,10)

As we live in these exciting times, we must focus our attention on Jesus Christ and anticipate His return. We must be faithful disciples, making soul-winning a active and vital part of our lives. We have a message that others need to hear. We must share it while there is still time. That message is Christ and Him Crucified.

Scripture assures us that Jesus will come for His Children personally. In John 14:3, the Lord promised that He was going to prepare a place for us. When the time comes, He will return for us to take us there. Let us be busy about our Fathers business and take as many with us as possible. God Bless.


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Once again, here are some incomplete sermon notes for a series of messages that I gave in 2006 while in a very rough place. A great many of these notes were derived from material by Pastor Dave Williams from Lansing, Michigan.


15 Things to do if you miss the Rapture or if persecution in America gets bad before the rapture.

1 – DO NOT believe the explanations given by the media.
2 – DO NOT commit suicide.
3 – Immediately repent & get right with God.
4 – Collect all the Bibles that you can.
5 – Leave your home because the Government will know your address.
Go to the country . Get far away from cities.
6 – Pray to God for strength & Guidance.
7 – DO NOT join the world church.
8 – Get a small radio & a supply of batteries to last at least 7 yrs.
9 – Share this message.
10- DOT NOT, under any circumstances, align with the one world leader.
11- DO NOT take a mark, a name, or a number on your hand or forehead.
12- Don’t steal, do not commit any sexual sin, DO NOT murder, & don’t
use drugs. Read REV 9:21 + There may not be time to repent.
13- Pray for Israel & The Jewish people.
14- Be prepared to suffer immeasurably if you are apprehended & have
missed the rapture.
15- Listen to your radio & mark the day the world leader moves His Image
into the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. After that you will have 1290 days
to survive. According to Daniel 12. If you are caught by the authorities,
do not – I repeat, do not deny Christ. It is better to die & go to heaven
than to deny Christ & spend eternity in hell.

#4 – Collect all the Bibles that you can – Keep Bibles in several safe places. SATAN ALWAYS seeks to destroy Bibles when totalitarian governments take over. Give your extra copies to friends who can be trusted, to keep them safe for you But Beware – Betrayal will be common. There will be truce breakers & people will betray friends & family. Use Discernment.

All these things we are discussing may also occur if the church is forced underground in America before the time of the end.

Christians be alert & prepared.


15 Things to do if you miss the Rapture

#1 – DO NOT believe the explanation’s given by the Media.

AntiChrist forces will control the media & offer Plausible explanations. One man, speaking to a group of Prominent leaders in Detroit, MI, said that the only way “New Age doctrine” can be fully implemented is if evangelical Christians are “reprogrammed” in New Age Philosophies. {I personally know a woman who once threatened to have her own daughter kidnapped and reprogrammed into new age teaching. Much of the world of psychology wants this also.}
This man said that christians have to be “indoctrinated”, so that new age Philosophies can fully emerge. Some people will say that flying saucers took the Christians away.

After Christians are indoctrinated they will be brought back. He said this process will take about 7 years. This is doctrines of devils!!

No, we have not been taken to some New Age inner – planetary, cosmic reprogramming center. After the Rapture – all of us true Christians are in Heaven enjoying the presence of Jesus!


Whenever there is mass societal confusion & disorder, people have a tendency to believe that suicide is the solution. Don’t do it. There is still hope for you. You can still come to Jesus.

#3 Repent immediately & get right with God.

#4 Collect all the Bibles you can (see earlier note)

#5 Leave your home because the Government will know your address. Go to the country. Get far away from cities. This will not be easy because you will be tempted to wait & see what happens. If you take that approach, it will be too late. It will be a fatal mistake. Get away into the woods & learn to live off the Land. Begin saving as much money as you can to take with you. If you stay, your possessions will be confiscated & your life will be in danger.

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#6 Pray to God for strength & guidance.


After the rapture those clergymen left behind will join together. They will come under the leadership of the False Prophet. [ REV 13 & 14] All true ministers will have gone in the rapture. Don’t join the World Church even if you see apparent miracles. They will be lying signs & wonders.

If you come home & find your loved ones gone & you realize the Rapture has taken place – do not go to a minister for guidance. He will be a false prophet.

#8 Get a small radio & a supply of batteries to last at least 7 yrs.

This will help you know what is happening in the world as you are in your secluded place away from the city. There will be overwhelming Demonic activity in cities.

By comparing the News reports with what you read in the Bible, you will know where you are in the time frame of the tribulation.

#9 Share this message.

Avoid allowing it to be traced. Meet carefully & cautiously with other new believers because if you reveal yourself to a betrayer, it would be a fatal mistake.


15 Things to do if you miss the Rapture cont…

#10 – DO NOT, under any circumstance align yourself with the one world leader. This man ( The Antichrist) may seem to be a Charismatic & adorable individual, but if you listen to his lies, you will be drawn into his delusion. Remember, he will be a master manipulator. He will promise peace & prosperity & good times but these are false promises.

#11 – DO NOT TAKE a Mark, a name, or a number on your hand or forehead. Eternal damnation will be yours. Rev. Ch. 13 & Ch. 14.

Even now there are plans for a cash – free society. DO NOT take a computer chip under your skin. Even if it means you can’t buy or sell.

#12 See previous note

#13 – PRAY FOR ISRAEL & The Jewish people.

#14 Be prepared to suffer immeasurably if you miss the rapture. Liquidation facilities will be operating 24 hrs a day. Famines & Pestilence & Natural disasters will be abounding on every hand & they will be terrible.There will be Many, many ways in which people will suffer.

#15 See previous note.


A Word about the end-times:

Deception will be everywhere. Walking reprobates & demonized people will be found on every street, property will be confiscated. There will be imprisonment’s, torture, & death camps. During the chinese revolution, peoples eyes were sewn shut because they were caught reading the Bible; The ear drums of Sunday school students were punctured so they could no longer hear the word taught; & over sixty million people, who opposed the godless system of communism were put to death. If you think the communists were ruthless, if you think Hitler was ruthless, you haven’t seen anything yet. There will be betrayal of friends & families as loved ones turn against each other.

Once again, please realize that these are only possible senarios. No one and I repeat, NO ONE knows exactly what is going to happen in the future in every respect. These notes are intended as possible general guidelines and concepts to promote searching the scriptures and discussion as we see our Lords return nearing. Be it understood that I believe in the Pre-Trib rapture of the church. I also however, believe that some things are going to get bad and there will be perilous and difficult times BEFORE the rapture. Also please understand that Jesus gives us total victory in all things; even persecution.


John Steffens said…
As Christians, if persecution comes to us, and I think it will, we are going to need to die to self and pull together as never before. I totally agree that we may be in for some rough days in the USA.
Blessed to read your blogs. Stay true.

Sarah Golls said…
I heard you relate on tv about a dream that God gave you on matthew 24. are you planning to talk about that on a future blog? It would help people I think. I am subscribing so that I’ll be sire not to miss that one if you do it.

Mary B. said…
As Born-Again, Spirit led Chrisitans we will need to have a firm foundation in Christ during these last days. I believe times will continue to get worse and we will begin to see persecution in this country that to this point we have only heard of in other parts of the world. For the lost who miss the rapture; what a scary time that will be I’m sure. God is so merciful that He even gives several chances to repent during the tribulation period. We need to just have a radical move of evangelism in this country and take as many with us to Heaven as we can during the rapture! I am tremendously blessed by your teachings and the move of God in your life. Praise God!