Nuggets From My FB part 4

God’s timing is perfect. His plans will never go wrong. He has every detail set in place, ready to go into motion. His motives are good. His power is precise. He never underestimates, and he is never caught off guard. He has everything you need. All he is waiting on is for you to trust him. All your worries and all your fears have not solved your problems. Trust God. He is everything you need


What you just came out of doesn’t begin to compare to what you are going into. Your steadfastness is about to pay off. Get excited. Get ready. The winds are shifting in your direction. You are about to rebound and recover. It’s finally arrived. The season of your greatest comeback is here……. Keep your eyes to the skies Redemption draweth near…


One thing I have learned: Walking in Love and Mercy and Grace Opens the door to the Miraculous Power of God to show up in so many ways. One moment of the Power of God is worth more than a lifetime of my own ways and schemes.. Live, Love, Consecrate…. Watch God Invade your life with Miracle!!

God never intended anyone to go right to the top and He never intended advancement to be easy!! God intends for the Trying of your faith and the proving out of it to be more precious than Gold!! 1 Peter 1:7; as we Incline our ear to His word, over a period of time, (Proverbs 4:20-22) and learn to praise Him and act like we have what He promised (be happy, filled with joy, and gracious to people) and shout His praises when in a tight place…… He brings things about IN HIS OWN TIMING knowing our needs and make up… Thats why I dont ever let what others do rattle me in the least and I work with what God has placed in my hands.. As I am faithful there with no complaining, the INCREASE will come!!! Make Today the best day of your life….Rejoice today!!! (From my message in Toledo OH August 2015)… Repreaching this with new revelation added in BR in a week…. Blessings!


Old Men in the Last days…… Do not be a settler among in the land of “how I started”…. Run to where they are Doing what you dreamed……