A Prayer From The Church In China


” But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.” [Matt. 24:13]

Once when preparing for a Sunday sermon I ran across the following thoughts. I am writing here my modified version.
A leader in the house church movement in China was asked by a missionary from America, ” How should Christians in America pray for the church in China?” The leader from the church in China answered-” Stop praying for persecution in China to end. It is through persecution that the church has grown.” Then he added ” we in China , in fact are praying that the American church might taste the same persecution so that revival would come to the American church like we have seen it in China.”

It is amazing to me that in America we pray and ask God to bless us with many “things” – prosperity, success, etc.. while other Christians around the world suffer so very much and wonder when we are going to act like the blessings we were made to be.

This Christian leader in China constantly faces arrest for preaching the Gospel and worshipping the Lord. History does seem to bear out that the times of greatest church growth have been times of persecution. During the reformation, the Gospel spread like wild fire while those who preached it were burned at the stake.

We do not pray for persecution and we do not want nor desire it to come to these shores, but if it should, how would we act and would we endure unto the end?

Persecution does not always create growth in numbers, but it does eliminate nominal believers who only go to church for all the wrong reasons. The Christians who remain-that are willing to endure suffering for the faith, demonstrate a powerful and faithful witness to unbelievers.

Often we glibly speak about ” witnessing to our neighbors” by which we mean telling them about Jesus. The Greek word for witness is “Martyr”. This does not mean that we should promote persecution or cultivate it. But we must be thankful to God for the relative peace and safety that we have known. And we must get on fire for God. We should always resist persecution.

However, suffering that we do not want, enduring trials and tribulation out of our control, can be a refining fire, forcing us to depend ever more on Christ. Despite the clear teachings of the bible, many of us actually think God has abandoned us when we go through difficulties, failures, and sorrows. We seem to think that none of these things should be allowed to come into our lives. We must always believe for victory but sometimes the sweetest victories come through the most bitter of pains.

We American Christians have become so prosperous, so successful, and so blessed that perhaps we have also become spiritually soft and thus, ineffective. So, when you find yourself struggling with hardship and opposition or, even more so when you are rejoicing in your success and popularity, remember–someone in China is praying for you


Nuggets From My Fb Page part 2

One thing we have to remember is that the highest call any of us will ever have is the call to Love and to Minister TO the Lord… Worship, Prayer, and Intimacy will produce fruit.. The fruit of our lives (the being and the doing) is more about abiding in His Presence , Intimately acquainting ourselves with Him than actually doing.. What is done (the doing) from that posture will be acceptable to the Lord and well pleasing… There is a huge difference between Fruit and Good Works.. Both are needed in their proper order and perspective..

What if everybody that was part of a local church would be willing to share their testimony and their faith story (share the gospel) with just three people in 90 days? Can you imagine the impact that would have? Have a Great Lords day tomorrow…..

Here is what I woke up with in my spirit… Elisha never could have reached his prophetic destiny without Elijah.. There is a great need right now for young champions to be mentored by those who have been mentored…This is Gods plan to release you into your future.. You just cant get there by yourself.. There is no such thing as entitlement in the Body of Christ… Elisha received his double portion but Only after he served Elijah… Lets go out there and let God use us… Don’t waste your life.. Do it Gods way!!

A great separation is coming….. Those who want to go to church once a week, utilize convenience driven commitment, pursue their own desires and goals, and just have good ‘religion’.. will stand in stark contrast to the real remnant of believers who purpose to inconvenience themselves in pursuit of His plan and desires and goals, will follow the presence of God and give heed to the prophets, create times to gather together to bask in the Glory, and have reaching lost souls in their focus while serving in anothers vision.. a shaking, a separation, and a shifting are on the horizon big time……..

You see you cannot walk in the anointing of His Purpose without pursuing His presence… Its not automatic that a good idea is just going to put you over… Its not the same as salvation where the ground is level and the cost is free… The price of walking in the anointing is the pursuit of His presence… There are millions who are saved but not walking in the anointing to accomplish their purpose because they are preoccupied with life and cares……When He is our life and desire, He manifests His presence and smears His Anointing all over the believer… Its my desire to chase Him everyday, all day long and see Him….. Download time…