John Wesley Quote 7-22-2015

“Christianity Is not a religion for Solitude or solitary. The Bible Knows nothing of solitary religion”….


Nuggets from My FB Page Part One

“The Great Apostle Paul was an Apostle of Jesus… Jesus was not an Apostle of Paul.. Jesus message was “Repent for the Kingdom Of Heaven is at Hand”…. (Matt 4:17) and it is within THAT context that Jesus gave the Apostle Paul; His Apostle, all the doctrines of Grace that Paul taught the church.. Grace for the Race often takes place on your face…… It is a blessing to be able to repent.. God did not “Owe” that to any of us..”

The brothers wont like it when Father gives you that pretty coat… But wear it any way. Father gave it to you! Yes, it will land you in a pit but you will be pit ruler if you are faithful to Father. Be Faithful in the little and God will increase your realm of influence.. The worst prison ever is the prison of someones elses idea of what you should be. Look to Father alone and be faithful in the little.. When God increases you; He will also send those who appreciate that… Read Gen. 37- 50 YOU WONT STAY IN THE PIT OR THE PRISON…….There is a palace in your future if you dont let anyone steal it and keep you down low…

“When the Ancient landmarks, meant to serve as guideposts and reference points, are obscured and covered over by the chaos of the popular “Whats in it for me” theology then many become trapped and held under the power of deception…. No my friends, The Word Of God and the teachings in it are Never outdated.. God help us return to Biblical Christianity, Discipleship, and Jesus centered messages.”

We all face problems so huge they could easily take us down. Each problem you face is a giant in your life. But don’t be so quick to panic. With a slingshot and a stone David brought down his giant. And God has a stone for every giant in your life too. Trust God and watch Him bring down your giants…..

With increased influence comes increased criticism. Be delivered from the fear and intimidation of man and trust the Lord! He will keep your heart safe! Run your race! Proverbs 29:25 ; Luke 12:2-4

Your situation is not hopeless, in fact it’s really not even close. Impossible is normally where God starts. Things are shifting in your favor. Don’t give up….. Today we boldly declare IN HIM POSSIBLE……

People who pick and choose the ‘word’ they want to hear based on their own standards and the style of Gods Messenger will not be very usable by God in these last days days… We do not always need a soft word and you do NOT get to pick the messenger God desires for you to receive from at a given moment… We really must grow up in these areas if we are to ever be used of God…

Fear of Criticism is the very kiss of death to Godly achievement! While loose gums flap in the breeze; keep preaching truth, keep getting people saved, keep leading people to the Lord to meet all their needs. The cause is so much higher than any of us … Don’t quit trying and don’t give up just because someone shot you down.. Receive Constructive criticism and refuse idle talk… I don’t know who this for tonight but CHEER UP!! GOD has put DESTINY within You…..

What you Do doesn’t affect God’s heart towards you , but it will affect your heart toward Him…. If you are not seeking God He will love you just the same, but you won’t love Him the same….If you put no effort into your walk your heart will grow hardened toward God….. There is a balance between Grace and Faith….